Aiming for very tall daylilies we crossed Hemerocallis altissima (height in our garden about 160 cm) with the variety CARTWHEELS (selected as partner because of the wide open flowers).  A fraction of the seedlings was treated with colchicine in order to induce chromosome set doubling. From the un-treated group we selected RUNDBLICK as a named cultivar. By combining this one with the variety WERNER KERBS we got BERLIN MULTI, a variety with up to 70 buds per stem.
Crossing BERLIN MULTI with a late flowering yellow variety resulted in AUGUSTFREUDE (main flowering period August).

Among the treated seedlings we found two tetraploids which, however, did not open their flowers as well as RUNDBLICK. They were only used for breeding  purposes. Crossed with LUCRETIUS we got SHTT238. The combination with TETRINA'S  DAUGHTER yielded the very floriferous CITRALT. A cross with a red tetraploid produced  RED TALLBOY. Further crosses of the F1-seedlings among each other gave us "Berlin Maize" and the wide Altissima seedling BRALTS,  registered together with CITRALT in 2001. 

Hemerocallis altissima


Berlin Multi

Hemerocallis altissima

RUNDBLICK, diploid (Reg. 1979)

 BERLIN MULTI, diploid (Reg. 1986)




AUGUSTFREUDE, diploid (Reg. 1994)

SHTT238 (tetraploid)

CITRALT, tetraploid (Reg. 2001)

Berlin Maize



"Berlin Maize" (tetraploid)

BRALTS, tetraploid  (Reg. 2001)

H. altissima x Mini-species, China

Red Tallboy

SHTT0438, Sibl. zu Augustfreude

RED TALLBOY (Reg. 1998)

 SHTT0438, Sibling zu Augustfreude

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