Hybrids with 2n=41 chromosomes, derived from the species of the Chrysographes  group (Iris chrysographes, Iris delavayi, Iris clarkei, Iris bulleyana, Iris forrestii und Iris wilsonii) on one side and from forms of the North American Iris prismatica on the other side. The American Samuel Norris was the first to produce a Chrysmatica hybrid. Such hybrides are sterile at the diploid level, because the chromosome numbers of both parents are different and their chromosomes are not analogue.- So far only a few Chrysmatica hybrids were flowered. The reason is not the difficulty of obtaining them, but of growing them. A conversion to the tetraploid level has not been achieved so far. - The plants are small flowered and have thin, wiry stems.


Chrysmatica-Hybride I

Chrysmatica-Hybride II

Chrysmatica-hybrid I

Chrysmatica-hybrid II

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