Diploid hybrid with 2n=35 chromosomes, derived from a cross of a form of  Iris setosa  with Iris laevigata. Such hybrides are sterile at the diploid level, because the chromosome numbers of both parents are different and their chromosomes are not analogue. -  So far we could obtain only one hybrid of this type (Berlin Sevigata), in spite of the fact that we have done the cross many times. We believe, that the Japanese sterile forms of Iris setosa ( Iris setosa v. hondoensis and Iris setosa v. nasuensis) are natural hybrids of the Sevigata-type.

Berlin Sevigata, Horst

Berlin Sevigata, Einzelbl├╝te


A hybrid group with theoretically 2n=92 chromosomes, produced by crossing Iris versicolor with tetraploid Iris setosa. Assuming, that a single  chromosome set of Iris versicolor is composed by adding a chromosome set  of Iris setosa and one of Iris virginica,  a Versitosa hybrid could also be considered as a 3/4-Setosa-1/4-Virginica hybrid. As to be expected, a hybrid with such an unbalanced composition is sterile. Versitosa hybrids can easily be produced; the cross yields full capsules. The plants are vigorous and floriferous. 

Versitosa-Hybride 1

2. Versitosa-Hybride

Versitosa hybrids

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