Hybrids with 4n=66 chromosomes, which can be derived from the same species as diploid Sibtosa hybrids, but have double the number of chromosomes and, therefore, larger flowers. They can either be produced directly by colchicine treatment or as a result of crosses between  tetraploid parent plants. Such hybrids are fertile: in the process of  the reduction of chromosome numbers during the production of sexual cells each chromosome, due to the tetraploid structure, finds an analogue counterpart chromosome of its own kind.

Tetra-Sibtosa hybrids can be back-crossed to tetraploid Sibirica hybrids (and to tetraploid Iris setosa). The resulting 3/4-1/4 Sibtosa hybrids are especially vigorous and free flowering. 


Starting Sibtosa

Tetra-Sibtosa, lav., klein

Northern Pink


 NORTHERN PINK (Reg. 1995)

Tetra-Sibtosa lav., small

Tetra-Sibtosa III

Tetra-Sibtosa II

Sibtosa Wave

Tetra-Sibtosa III

Tetra-Sibtosa II

 SIBTOSA WAVE (Reg. 2007)



2.Gen. Weiße Tetra-Sibtosa

First white Tetra-Sibtosa, fertile


 2. Gen. white Tetra-Sibtosa

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